Weekend Food

Backpacks filled with meals, snacks, fresh fruit and dairy will be ready to take home every Thur/Fri. Students are asked to return backpacks every week so we can PACK.EAT.REPEAT all year long!

School Day "Snack Pack"

Your weekend backpack will have your "snack pack" for the following school week. 1 for each day.

Grocery Boxes

For Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring break we will have grocery boxes for families to pick up and take home. Boxes will include snacks and easy to fix meals. We will connect you to community resources for holiday meals and other support.

Food Pantry

At several of our schools we have food pantries which are open to every student at school dealing with emergency hunger. It may be a forgotten lunch (or no money for lunch) or a big test is this morning and you forgot to eat breakfast. We stock our pantries with quick and easy grab and go food. If you do not take home a backpack but need weekend food, this is for you too.


Special Thanks To Our Food Partners For Helping Us Keep Kids Full & Focused!